La Morra and Cherasco

La Morra and the walls of medieval origin

The capital of Barolo with the best winemakers and landscapes of the Langa

LA MORRA, founded between the XII and XXII century, is located on the summit of a hill dominating on one side the Po valley, against the backdrop of the Alps and the Monviso; the other side a breathaking view on the landsape of a succession of hills with scattered over it makes an anthropical amphitheater of stunning beauty.

Surrounded by medieval walls, the capital is known for the Barolo, home of the best vine-growers of the Langa.

The town organizes every year “Books to taste”, a food & Wine Excursion tasting fair; the “Mangialonga”, a walk that takes you to the country lanes of the Barolo district; have a taste! “Degusta La Morra”, a great wine tasting in the streets of the ancient center.

The Langhe: the landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rolling hills, lands of great wines and precious truffles

LANGHE are a succession of rolling hills planted with vineyards, lands of great wines and precious truffles.

It is pleasant to get lost along unusual streets, romantic villages, unknown, of rare beauty.

On the hills the wind draws colors and plays of light, the sun and snow tell the labors of work and the desire of people to party, strongly linked to the traditions of this land.

Cherasco: the city full of charm and monuments

Perfumes, colours, sounds of bells and echoes of the past

CHERASCO, founded in 1243, is a town rich in history and monuments positioned on a hilltop overlooking the Langhe and the Alps. Roman Guard Towers, Baroque Church Towers, Triumphal Arches and Delighted Parks with Sycamore Trees.

Awarded in 2007 with the Orange Flag, the recognition-brand of the Touring Club for environmental quality tourism, beside the numerous painting exhibitions inside the palace salmatoris, it organizes frequent specialized fairs of antique furniture, antique books, modelbuilding, ceramic, numismatic and gastronomical fairs dedicated to vineyard snails and chocolate.